Wednesday, July 22, 2009

mAy....tRiP tO RuSSiA...

May 2009, Darren was asked to deliver an airplane (Jet) for his company to Minsk Belarus, of course I had to join him. Two other pilots were asked to take the journey as well and luckily their wives were able to come too! We had a great time and it was really fun for me to be on an airplane that my husband was actually flying...
We had several stops on the trip for fuel or to stay over night....First overnighter was in
ICELAND! Below are a few shots of us in the plane and in Iceland...

Darren and I in flight!

This is the quaint little town where we stayed in Iceland.

Darren in action flying the plane!

Here is a picture of the whole gang, the Airline that was leasing the new Jet from Darren's Airline (SkyWest) was Belavia Air, Belavia sent four Belorussians to join us on the journey.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

aNd ApRiL cOnTiNuEs....

The Moyes Family Celebrates another Birthday.....
Chloe Ellen Moyes
April 22, 2009
17 years old

Chloe chose to celebrate her birthday with her
family by going out to dinner,she chose Chilli's because she loves
the Chocolate Moulton Cake!
Chloe is our second daughter and fourth child.
Chloe is a perfect example that children are born with their
personality's, she has always been the sweetest most
loving little girl ever, but boy oh
boy she can be so feisty as well, and truly it
has been that way from the get go.
Chloe is also extremely funny. She is the comic
relief around our home! I love having two
daughters and I am so grateful that they are not only
sisters but best friends!
Chloe and I just returned from Haiti it was fun to be on a trip
with just her! Chloe, I hope you always know that I love you
just the way you are, funny, feisty, stubborn,sweet, loyal
and loving and full of life! I hope you will always
follow your dreams and be a great photographer
(which you already are), or whatever you decide to do.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

MoRe ApRiL FaMiLy FuN....

April 2009

Robby coloring easter eggs!
Robby and his best friend and cousin Dari, aren't they so cute!
This year the Moyes Family Easter dinner was at our home.

Yes that is an easter basket on Robby's head, and yes this is the only
photo I got of all my children on easter!
Our older children told us this easter how much they loved having a little brother around especially during the holidays, it makes it so much more exciting to see things through his big wide eyes (coloring eggs, waking up and finding out that the easter bunny brought us treats, and having an easter egg hunt). We all agree how blessed we are to have such a sweet little boy be apart of our family, easter basket on the head and all!