Friday, October 30, 2009

MoThEr RuSsiA...mAy 2009

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person. ~Mignon McLaughlin
Darren and I in Moscow, Red Square!! I loved it!
It was so fun to spend time together!

Here is the whole gang in Belarus!

So it was quite a big deal for a Belorussians airline to be getting a new aircraft, so the media
met us and interviewed the pilots, I took this photo as I was getting off the airplane, I actually tried to wait until the media left, but apparently the Belorussians president was coming in right after us and they were trying to get us into the airport pretty quickly to close off the rest of the airport...very exciting for us!

Darren, Lynn and Pete in Belarus

So I am backing up a bit, wanted to post a couple photos of Darren and I in Belarus and Moscow Russia...It seems like a year ago when we were there and so much has happened sense that trip, but I really wanted to post a few photos. I learned so much on this trip, I hate to admit, but I had never heard of Belarus before heading out on this journey, Belarus is a very old country but sadly because of the devastation of War most of the original country was destroyed!
I was over the top excited about visiting Moscow. The other pilots and their wives left us in Belarus and headed for Paris, but Darren and I ventured to Moscow on our own. We found a great English tour and visited as much as we could in the few days we were there. We did learn that though we all may think the KGB has been disbanded the people of both Belarus and Russia do not believe that to be true one bit. Our tour guide was pretty funny, she was a Russian woman that spoke English with a strong accent, and she would talk pretty matter of fact about some of the earlier goings on of the KGB including people being killed, but she wouldn't say that, she would say.."Well, they were never seen again" stuff like that. The trip was so awesome!!Thank you Skywest Airlines for giving us the 0opportunity to see this part of the world!

OcToBeR 2009

Okay, you know you haven't posted in awhile when you nearly couldn't log on because you forgot your pass word...So I will give this another shot!