Monday, May 30, 2011

Haiti May 2011

Haitian Roots Volunteer/Parent Trip
Grayson Moyes first trip to Haiti!


Haitian Roots Volunteer/Parent trip to Haiti to distribute items
from container...
Grayson was able to join the trip and was such a hard worker,
I love spending the one on one time with my sweet 16 year old son.
The volunteers were all amazing and we accomplished much.
It was great for the parents to visit their children 9 haitian roots children who
were orphaned by the earth quake and are now being adopted by
four amazing families.
We were able to have a party with our Haitian Roots sponsored children and give
them food, clothing, toys and other great supplies donated by lot's of wonderful
We went out to visit the land we purchased to build a school and orphanage, Brent
from Bel Haiti village project partner was along on the trip as well.
We learned much from the trip and hope to put our knowledge to good use!