Monday, November 24, 2008


So I have been living my life lately in a happy blissful state of not caring to much about the whole body image, trying to tell myself that "this is who I am, like it or leave it" until my doctor crashes my whole eat and be merry party! I have high cholesterol, so much so that I have been told to lose weight, EXERCISE, and eat better and told to start on a medication (this does not thrill me) and to top it off, I have also been battling kidney stones (not so fun to say the least) So I decided to join a club and a nutrition program....Now it is the exercise that I am struggling with, I of course am very out of shape and not a big fan anyway, so I started with the Seniors aerobic class and this was going well (for about a month), the senior citizens are the sweetest ladies ever and one day I even had one of them call me at home to cheer me on, most of them look pretty amazing too, they are like my new best friends, and the classes have been manageable. Then my friend talks me into going with her to the new body combat class, it happens to be taught by another friend of ours...Well let me tell you, I don't think I am ready to combat anyone. That class is out of control and those ladies are crazy, some of which I would not want to meet late at night on the streets, they would take me down! And, I am not just saying this so that someone will say "oh that is not true" trust me it is true, I am by far the largest individual in the class. Some of the ladies in the class have real combat gloves on, they are ready for battle! So at one point in the class we are boxing into the air at our pretend hanging down boxing ball and I have got my eye on the instructor concentrating on her every move and trying to keep up without actually having a heart attack and then it happened, I punch myself under the chin, bite my tongue and cause my tongue to bleed... yea, for sure I am ready to take down the intruder, if the intruder happens to be ME. So really is exercise all that it is cracked up to be, I mean seriously I could cause some bodily injuries to myself. So for all you exercise hats off to you. I hope I actually survive!!

Do you think there is any kind of Plastic surgery that will remove high cholesterol and kidney stones? If so maybe I should start saving my money....I am thinking that I may have to stick to the poor man's plastic surgery!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Season's in Utah can sometimes be confusing especially to a 5 year old, snow falling in the morning and sun shinning bright in the afternoon....this is Rob on his way to pre-school the other day...All the seasons are represented here, rain jacket, snow boots and mittens (you can never be too sure when a rain burst or snow storm might break out) and to top off his ensemble.....swimming goggles!

As you can see, I have learned over the past 22 years as a parent to choose my battles (okay, so maybe it actually took me 22 years to figure this out), so Rob goes to pre-school pretty happy with some of his outerwear choices!! And truly is there anything cuter! I think not! So as we are headed out the door I grab the camera to take this picture and Rob just looks up at me and says "I'm cute, huh mom!" No doubt about it!

Monday, November 10, 2008


So I am a little late with my Halloween post...But here we go anyway...As you can see that as children get older it might be a little difficult to tell what they are actually dressed up as.. Here we have a rocker...two cruella devil's (one a friend) and an M&M rocker......

...Next we have a couple of Bonneville football players with a little bling bling on their hands..(one is mine and one is a friend)....

..... Next we have a hippie!!

And saving the cutest for last is batman!!! At a halloween party he won the costume contest as the child with the costume that most fit the child. Darren wanted to know what they meant by that until we saw our son flying off the stage at the party.
This costume actually gets plenty of use...he wears it everyday and has it on as I type....sweet little batman!! (PS, no we have not let him see the grown up versions of batman, but he does love the commercials and has wanted to be batman ever since they started playing)