Tuesday, January 1, 2013

nEw YeAr NeW BeGiNNiNgS...


So I have never been a big New Years resolution kind of gal, I mean really a whole year of goals set at the beginning of a year, seems like a set up for failure. I usually set weekly goals and that seems much more attainable to me. 
But here I go, it's a new year and I am stepping outside my normal box by actually setting a New Years resolution, and in an effort to keep it I am writing it down. And better than that I will be soliciting the help of my family and friends to help me (another huge step for me, as I am not good at seeking help at much of anything). 
So here it is...I am going to choose happiness, replace my fears with faith and love...even as I write it I feel doubt and fear creeping in, I think this might be a life time goal, but for now it will be my focus for 2013...so happiness, Love and Faith here I come.
Feel free to share thoughts and quotes, I will be sharing them as well...Only God knows the heart ache of my soul, and how easy it would be for me to stay trapped in fear and sadness but with Him by my side I am going to rise above.

Bring it on 2013, I am ready!

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